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4 Of the Most Common House Types in Canada; Which Will You Choose?

4 Of the Most Common House Types in Canada; Which Will You Choose?

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For many, buying a new home is a major expenditure and milestone in their lives, and can represent a turning point; whether it’s a first home, second home, property upsize or downsize.

The types of houses available in Canada today offer homeowners exciting opportunities to expand as a family, or enjoy a quieter, more independent life.

Once you’ve made the decision to purchase a new house, and before reaching out to a local mortgage broker for invaluable guidance, you must decide upon the type of house you wish to buy, and here are 4 of the most common house types in Canada today:

  1. Detached houses

    Sometimes called ‘single-detached’ houses, these are free-standing structures designed to house a family, and which are not attached in any way, to any other dwelling (apart from perhaps the garage). They often have open space on all four sides, too, and while they are a costlier option, if you have a large family or wish to expand it, or simply enjoy not having immediate neighbors and more space, this could be the right type of house for you.

  2. Semi-detached houses

    Attached to the side or back of another property, semi-detached houses have no dwelling above them, or to the side, and both units typically have open space to the sides of them. Smaller than detached houses, these are usually cheaper and easier to maintain, although they lack the added privacy of a fully detached house. In some instances, homeowners may also be required to contribute to shared maintenance costs, such as a roof or driveway.

  3. Townhouses

    Often described as a type of rowhouse, townhouses form part of a line of dwellings that are attached to each other’s sides, and occasionally, each other’s backs. Usually smaller and costing less to buy than both detached and semi-detached houses, they do still have outdoor spaces like patios or yards, and can be a great option for anyone looking to downsize, or get their first foot on the property ladder. It’s important to note that you may also be required to pay for the regular upkeep of common areas like walkways.

  4. Condominium apartments

    These are usually the smallest type of house, and can be found inside larger residential buildings. Owned individually, land and other common elements are held in joint ownership with others. Offering fewer maintenance responsibilities, and in some instances, even having access to amenities such as gyms and swimming pools, they are cheaper to buy than other types of homes, and may suit first-time buyers or seniors seeking to downsize.

Whatever type of house you’re seeking to buy, make sure you get appropriate guidance from an experienced mortgage broker in your area, who will have a good knowledge of the local market, and may be able to get you deals on a mortgage that you wouldn’t otherwise have been able to access.


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10 dMay, 2022

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