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mortgage rates

Call: 587.885.8278

Working for You,

Not the Lenders.


We are able to offer a diverse range of products, including but not limited to the following:

  • First and second mortgages.
  • Investment property financing.
  • Lines of credit.
  • Equity take outs.
  • Self-employed, no income qualification mortgages.
  • Pre-approvals.

We deal with over 30 banks, financial institutions, and private lending sources to find you the best rates and terms based upon your financial situation.


We do the work. We package your application, contact the head offices to explain your situation and sell your application to the bank. We bypass the local branches and deal directly with the person that makes the decisions about the customer.

You can reach us, talk to a live person, and we can be available to you even outside of traditional "banking hours".

We will save you thousands. We get you the best interest rate and we also connect you to the right bank that will offer you the best terms for your situation.

We will arrange financing for residential and commercial first and second mortgages.

The Mortgage Centre is the largest super-brokerage in Canada which allows us to be able to offer the lowest available rates. Lenders offer discounts on rates to brokers who they have a strong relationship with and who do a lot of mortgage volume with them.