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How Will Owning a Second Home in Canada Affect Your Finances?

When it comes to mortgages, buying your first home differs greatly to buying a second, vacation home, with lenders viewing your application entirely differently. If you’ve been the type of homeowner who has always repaid their mortgage, making timely payments and consistently, then you should encounter a smoother experience when it comes to buying another home.

18 Jan 2022

How To Avoid A High Risk Mortgage

High risk mortgages are generally offered to individuals with bad credit, and the easiest way to avoid only being able to qualify for such a mortgage, is to improve the factors that make you a risky borrower. That said, credit scores cannot be altered much overnight, and even if they could, another event such as defaulting on another loan, could you find you catapulted right back into high-risk territory.

11 Jan 2022