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Why Your Bank Won’t Always Give You The Best Mortgage Deal

Why Your Bank Won’t Always Give You The Best Mortgage Deal

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It might be easy to assume that if you’re a regular customer at a local bank and have a good relationship with them, they’ll automatically get you the best deal on a mortgage; but this may not always be the case. Better terms and interest rates may be offered in exchange for loyalty to current customers, but even if this is the case, it simply makes sense to shop around, just as you would if you were buying an expensive item from a store.

Assuming that your bank is offering you the best deal on a mortgage, could see you missing out on a much better offer from a rival bank, however, the process can be lengthy and complex. One way of solving this problem, is to work with a mortgage broker:

How a mortgage broker could get you a better deal than your bank:

In many cases, shopping around for the best deal on a mortgage is better left to the experts. While there is nothing to stop you spending hours searching from place to place for the lowest interest rates and the best terms and conditions, even if you do, you might not always fully understand what you discover. In this current climate of uncertainty, and with the entire economy in something of turmoil, making sense of the jargon and being able to predict how the market might change, can become overwhelming, and it’s easy to get yourself lost and feeling frustrated.

When you engage the help of a broker, however, their expertise and knowledge of mortgages can make short work of the many options, and they can explain the financial jargon to you in a way that is easy to understand.

How can a broker help you once you’ve chosen your mortgage?

All good brokers will ensure that you’re guided through every step of the mortgage process; they don’t simply select the best deal for you, take their fee and walk away. Once they’ve used their expert knowledge to select the most appropriate lender and mortgage for your specific circumstances, they’ll get to work handling all the paperwork and will deal with the lenders on your behalf; minimizing the stress and helping you to save time, too.

The time and effort that a mortgage broker can save you shouldn’t be underestimated, and while you of course must pay for their services, the money that you could end up saving by engaging with them, will make this wholly worthwhile. It’s also good to have a thorough understanding of the mortgage deal that you’ve signed up for, and your broker will answer all your questions and ensure that you’re not left feeling uncertain about any aspects of it. Some brokers also remain working for you after the deal has been signed and are available for advice and guidance throughout the duration of your mortgage.


15 dJun, 2020

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